BCAL Project Peace visit the Brooklyn Museum…

Visiting the museum with our Project Peace BCAL Youth today, we discovered the Killer Heels exhibit which centered around the historical progression of heels and their utility and persuasive effect. We also experienced the Judith Scott exhibit, where students engaged with 45 works of sculpture made of various materials including, but not limited to, fabric, yarn, thread, wood, spools, chairs, rope, a shopping cart, ect. Finally, we took a detour through Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, and went upstairs to the local Brooklyn Artist based show Crossing Brooklyn,; a grouping of works by 35 different artist from all over the globe, who live and make work in Brooklyn.








Yoga with Mary Ann at BCAL.



To start the 2014-2015 BCCP After School program for High School Students at BCAL, we began with a basic Yoga session that will eventually lead to a Movement Lab where each students explores collaborative practices that inform trust, confidence, community building and skill development.

gentrification in the community

Brooklyn is a diverse and vibrant borough that is struggling immensely with the paradox of gentrification. How can quality goods services be provided equitably to each neighborhood? How do we ensure that historically middle and working class people are not being dislocated from their neighborhoods in search of affordable housing?We hope that together, we can continue to investigate and provide solutions to the paradox of gentrification through educating each other and having more conversations about this critical issue. Please share this video and start asking your community about how gentrification is affecting your neighborhood!

Skin bleaching video project…

Discussion about skin bleaching at BCAL

Mural at BCAL

Students working hard on mural at BCAL .

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Job Fair at Brooklyn Collage

BCAL goes to job fair…

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BCAL Saturdays

BCAL Saturdays, freestyling with Entrfied

Mural project

BCAL mural work in progress, students are working hard and painting a beautiful mural.

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